Using drones for aerial support in all operations that concern search and rescue.

The potential for drone mounted cameras with wide angle lenses for greater detection, or the use of thermal cameras, renders the drone a precious assistant in the air for every rescue team, especially in situations where every passing minute is of utmost importance.

Rough, steep and inaccessible areas can be searched in only a few minutes, day and night, significantly reducing the response time of rescue teams.

The appropriate Drone (UAV/UAS) is extremely useful for the prediction, estimation and monitoring of the course of forest and urban fires, by transmitting real time images, video and data to mobile ground stations without endangering human life. In this way, a better coordination of aerial and ground fire-fighting resources is achieved, with the provision of useful information for the decision of evacuation of villages and settlements. 

Potential Applications and Uses

  • Mountain Rescue (SAR)
  • Ground Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Urban Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Disaster Management 
  • Air – Water Rescue (SAR)
  • Fire Fighting
  • Forest Fire Prediction
  • Wilderness Search & Rescue (SAR)