During scientific and research programs, it is important to have a comprehensive overview of the space, with as much discreet presence as possible, so that we won’t affect the environment and the behavior of terrestrial and aquatic fauna.

The potential of our drones to have special cameras, sensors, precision equipment and data collection equipment, makes them ideal for observation of wildlife, as well as climatological and geophysical measurements, providing extremely important information for environmental studies.

Using drones, this data is now available immediately and with a substantially reduced cost in relationship to traditional forms of aerial measurement and recording.

Our company is involved in several research programs with local Universities in order to develop new applications by integrating and testing drone platforms with the appropriate equipment. 


Potential Applications and Uses

  • Archeological Research
  • Climate Research
  • Meteorological Research
  • Geophysical Research
  • Environmental Research 
  • Plant life monitoring
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Foreshore monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Forestry Research