Citizens’ safety is and will always be the primary concern and responsibility of the authorities. Aerial support with Drones ‘’Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems (UAV/UAS)/’’ may end up being decisive to the protection of the citizens in the prevention, course and fight against terrorist, criminal and malevolent acts.

The easy transportation and operation of a Drone gives an important advantage to the authorities over the helicopters that are used until today, with a clearly quicker response time, flexibility and significant cost reduction of flight and maintenance.

Special thermal and infrared cameras can locate and monitor suspects in absolute darkness, at a safe height and remain undetected. Drones may also enter buildings to trace suspects and objects, providing a panoramic view of the situation to the ground support equipment, in order to achieve complete coordination for a successful intervention and course of the operation.

Drones also constitute an important tool for aerial surveillance and monitoring of lands and installations, by offering increased safety to Public and Private properties, by protecting sensitive areas such as refineries, arms storages, prisons, airports, ports etc.

Potential Applications and Uses

  • Public Safety Surveillance
  • Road Traffic Surveillance
  •  VIP Aerial Surveillance
  • Anti -Terrorist Operations
  • Demonstration Surveillance
  • Private Property Surveillance
  •  Security Services
  •  Aerial Escort Services
  • Immigration Surveillance
  • Illegal Migration Control
  • Borders Surveillance
  • Criminal Recognition / Surveillance
  • Port Security / Surveillance
  •  Warehouse Security / Surveillance
  •  Oil Refinery Security / Surveillance
  • Maritime Security