Drone Solutions was founded to offer corporate and individual clients a complete and wide scope of reliable solutions and services involving aerial photography, video recording and data collection that is achieved with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems.

These services include video presentation, events coverage, search & rescue, monitoring, inspections, surveillance, terrain mapping and 3D modeling.

Drone Solutions is a member of the company ELENCO Electronics & Engineering Equipment Co. that was founded in 1969 in Athens, having executed until today more than 2.500 contracts concerning Public and Private Projects in the field of Energy, Telecommunications and Security Forces.

Drone Solutions has a skilled and well equipped personnel which, through constant training contribute to constant improvement of the services and applications it offers.

Drone Solutions is committed to monitor and check the quality of the provided Services & Applications aiming at their constant improvement, by taking all the necessary measures for the safety of all aerial videos, complying with the current Greek legislation as well as the regulations and directions of the European Union.